Plantation Shutter Facts

MYTH #1:When shopping for shutters, big-name stores can give you better deals and deeper discounts.

FACT: There is no middle-man at Perfect Fit Custom Shutters. We manufacture and oversee all our products on site in Gaithersburg, Maryland, so we can offer the highest quality products at FACTORY DIRECT prices.

Come on in and let us prove it to you! We have our competitors’ products in our store so you can see for yourself, shutter for shutter, dollar for dollar, the difference in quality and price. We give you the details behind our products and our price because we stand behind our craftsmanship and service 100%.

MYTH #2: Plantation shutters won’t work with the style of my room or house.

FACT: Perfect Fit Custom Shutters offer a classic look that goes well with everything from modern design to traditional decor. Our quality shutters have been used in urban lofts, condos in the city, and cottages by the shore. Since each order is handmade at our local factory, our product enhances every room as an architectural element versus a trendy window treatment that is sure to go out of fashion.

MYTH #3: I can get a better selection of shutters from a larger or big-name store.

FACT: Custom shutters is our specialty. With five different louver sizes, high-quality components, a knowledgeable staff, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the kind of customer service that wins awards year after year, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

MYTH #4: Shutters block out too much natural light and won’t fit my window size.

FACT: Natural light can limit the life of and destroy floors,  furnishings and upholstery. With Perfect Fit Custom Shutters you can regulate the amount of light you want — plus we offer FIVE different louvers sizes. Since each order is truly custom made, we can configure your shutter to ANY window shape and size.

MYTH #5: Besides price, there is no difference in a shutter.

FACT: Perfect Fit Custom Shutters will last a lifetime, add value to your home, and fit perfectly. This is NOT true for all shutters. Don’t be fooled by imitation and cheap products. Perfect Fit uses only 100% premium hardwood and 100% solid Thermalite products that are custom painted to match your trim.

If you are considering shutters, a visit to the Perfect Fit Custom Shutters showroom will help you make an educated and wise investment.

We offer no-pressure shopping and can show you the important shutter features you should know about ­— and see — before buying.

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